Our Albuquerque concrete removal service is a headache-free professional service. S & H Hauling can assist you with your concrete removal in multiple ways. If you need us to break up the concrete and then remove it we can. If you just need help getting rid of the debris we can do that too.

Albuquerque Concrete Removal

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At S&H hauling, we have a professional team ready to help you with your concrete removal and clean-up needs. Our teams have the proper equipment and are experienced in concrete clean-up tasks.

Getting rid of concrete rubble is dangerous and poses several problems that hiring a distinguished concrete clean-up service like S&H Hauling can solve. 

You can avoid the following issues by hiring S&H’s concrete removal service:

  • Injuries: Proper lifting technology should always be used during concrete clean-up services to prevent injuries. 
  • Damage to property: Large concrete chunks can cause damage to property due to their metallic components, sharp edges, and weight. Always schedule a concrete removal service to get rid of the rubble as soon as you are done working.
  • Incurring expenses: Deciding to dispose of your concrete yourself could potentially incur more costs than planned, from landfill fees to fixing the wear and tear of your beat up truck, fuel costs, and even medical expenses if you have injuries. You can always choose to stay safe and save some money by hiring a concrete removal company to do the heavy work.

At S&H Hauling, our Albuquerque concrete removal service comes with free on-site estimates, and our fees are based solely on the weight of the concrete. 

We are licensed, bonded, & insured

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