Whether you need your hot tub moved across the yard, to a new location, or to the dump we can help you. With our Albuquerque hot tub removal service we will drain your hot tub and help move it or remove it. Contact us today.

two contractors are preparing to haul a hot tub that was tilted in the road

Albuquerque Hot Tub Disposal

Our professional Albuquerque hot tub disposal services aren’t aimed at just getting a broken hot tub disposed of; we can also help you switch locations across the yard or to a new location in town as well.

Our crews have the proper training and equipment to properly move or dispose of your hot tub without damage to your home or yard. We also will clean up any residual mess left over….stuff like the foam insulation that the rodents get into can leave quite the mess. Don’t worry when you team up with S&H Hauling we will be sure to do the job right.

S&H Hauling has you covered. Feel free to give us a call for hot tub disposal in Albuquerque. (505) 304-4324

a man starting to disassemble the hot tub to be removed
a man clearing up the patio where the hot tub was located
a pickup car with a hot tub hauled at the back
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