Hoarding is more than just having lots of things. It’s a specific type of behavior that can have a severe impact on a persons life. At S&H Hauling we understand that having to address cleanup due to hoarding causes many different emotions for different people. Our Albuquerque hoarding cleanup and clean out service not only addresses the cleanup side of things, but we also have done many of these jobs and understand the emotions that come along with them.

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Albuquerque Hoarding Cleanup

At S&H Hauling, our Albuquerque hoarding cleanup and clean out service is professional and discreet, and our experts have empathy and understand the emotions many hoarders and their families face. 

Our junk removal experts work with the family to see that all excess items that require cleanup are removed effortlessly. Of course, the process is slow, as many hoarders have to be convinced that while the elements are important, they must go. Since many of the objects have emotional attachment from the hoarder, it is usually difficult to convince hoarders that getting rid of them would be beneficial to their living standards.

Our Albuquerque hoarder cleanup and clean out service includes:

  • Active clean-up service
  • Professional hoarder clean-up agents who are human and understand the feelings of the hoarder
  • Discrete clean-up service
  • Donating of several useful items to the less privileged
  • Working with the family to ensure the cleanout goes smoothly and without hiccups
  • Clutter & hoarder cleanup
  • Sorting of contents in the home
  • Retrieving valuable items and sentimental belongings
  • Recycling appliances
  • Recovery and storage of paper work

We understand that these are difficult situations and we can help. Contact us today for a free on site estimate.

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