Hoarding goes far beyond just having too many things in one place; it can, in some cases, be a health hazard.  Most people think that a hoarding clean-out is just throwing everything away. It’s really about cleaning with clear communication and understanding.  At S&H Hauling, we are available and willing to help with new beginnings.

Hoarding and Sanitation

Even though a hoarding clean-out requires a lot of tact and understanding on the part of the clean-up service, there are also sanitation issues to consider.

Some things that are “collected” may be garbage, rotting food, or other items which may cause serious problems such as mold, cockroaches or rodents. The items in need of being removed may have become a biohazard that requires specific precautions. These cases call for more than just a junk removal service or garbage collector. You need a company that specializes in hoarding clean-up to make sure that the issue is properly addressed.

Hoarding Clean-Up with Tact and Understanding

S & H Hauling has several years of experience with hoarding problems and hoarding clean-out jobs. Although no two hoarding issues are exactly alike, we know how difficult something like this can be for everyone involved.  We work discreetly and will always do what we can to ensure that the problem is handled professionally. Whatever the condition of the customers’ homes, we are prepared and able to work with the hoarder and/or family member to get the best possible results of the clean-up.

At S & H Hauling, we know that people need their dignity and we work to maintain that.  If you would like help cleaning up for yourself or a family member, don’t hesitate to call us today.  We have been helping clients and their families throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. We are available to help resolve hoarding situations, large or small.  505.304.4324

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