Professional Residential Pressure Washing

If you pressure-wash your house to remove dirt and mildew, and other marks but the results are less than a sparkly professional look then you may want to hire a professionally trained residential pressure washing company.  

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Proper pressure washing takes training, experience and professional equipment.  Pressure washing machines are not magic wands that are waved over an area and it’s clean. The truth is that pressure washing is more complicated than just waving a wand, proper pressure washing takes skills and training and the proper equipment.

S & H Hauling Pressure washers do live up to their billing in that they are professionally trained, use their own water conservation and their own highly-powerful professional equipment.   As with any other piece of commercial equipment, the right equipment is necessary and then used correctly.

Not all pressure washing services have the experience and proper equipment to keep homes sparkling-clean, free from harmful germs, mildew, and marks.  Some services just rinse off an area and when they are gone the dirt and grime come right back. S & H uses skilled washers and powerful pressure washing machines that really clean an area. It’s a difference you can see!

S & H Pressure Washing services extend to all of the following areas:



Fences and Decks



Dumpster areas

For a muck- and grime-free, hygienic, and eco-friendly home take care to use a skilled,  professional, residential pressure washing service.